Located Downtown Petoskey

We guide children, teens, and young adults to help families thrive beyond depression, anxiety, anger, and ADHD.  We do this online and in person through listening, encouraging and teaching practical steps for your success.  We meet with students, parents individually and as a family.  The counseling staff at Real Life is equipped and qualified to serve clients dealing with most of the trials life throws your way. We are committed to providing confidential, affordable, high quality services to the families of northern Michigan.

What to Expect When We Meet

1.  Just come in.  After the first time it gets way easier!  We will do an intake, I'll hear all about your specific situation, your goals, your needs.

2. Come back.  Together will create a treatment plan specifically for you to help you thrive.  

3.  Keep coming back. You’ll see yourself change.  We will work toward your goals together, progressing though our plan until you achieve all the results you’ve hoped for.Counseling is a two way street, the real work begins when you walk out the door.  

4. Based on my experience, I recommend  meeting once a week to start.  Then as you progress toward your goals, we can begin to meet less frequently.  Counseling can move into every other week for a few months until we see the behavioral changes we’ve worked for.  If we stick to the treatment plan, and you’ve put in the work, clients can expect real, lasting changes.  


Relationships are powerful things, life changing things.  The people I look up to the most in my life are guides.  They are teachers, pastors, coaches, leaders and counselors.  These guides have changed my life significantly, and without them, I would not be where I am today.  My ambition, my vocation and advocation is to be that type of guide for others.  To change the lives of teens in Northern Michigan like mine has been.   

I operate on an eclectic theory founded on an understanding of the importance of the family system.  I am client centered in my practice, I spend much of our time listening with unconditional positive regard.  Relationships work best when the guide walks along side you to focus on changing both unhealthy thought processes and behaviors.  My goal is to work with you, and be a resource for you.  You know you better than I know you.  I can help you to set your own goals and focus on your solutions. 

I am excited to work with clients from all walks of life.  Frustrated parents, there are tools to help you reach your son or daughter.  There is hope.  Struggling teens, there is help!  We can create a individualized plan to help you where you get where want to go.


Who is Jake Tracy

JakeAfter growing up in Hudsonville, Michigan, I graduated in 2007 with an Undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University.  Then finished my Masters Degree in 2015 with Spring Arbor University.  I am a certified teacher, school counselor and licensed professional counselor.  

Ive worked with kids from multiple backgrounds and cultures at churches, schools, camps, and nonprofit organizations over the past ten years. 

 My counseling career at Real Life coexists with my work with other organizations located in Petoskey.  I also work with Young Life building relevant, formative relationships with adolescents in the Petoskey area. 

 2018 is my 7th year in Northern Michigan.  I am blessed to be happily married to the most compassionate woman I know, and share life with her here in Petoskey.  When Im not with kids I take every opportunity I can get to sail Little Traverse Bay on my Hobie Cat in the summer or lace up my hockey skates in the winter.